Learn More: Adding Events to the Planner

To get full use of your Intersalon planner it is important that you identify non-working events such as days off, holidays and dinner breaks.

To create non-working events follow these simple steps.

1. Navigate to Planner Events page (Tools > Settings > Planner Events).

2. Click on the New Event button, this will drop down a new event option.

3. Fill in the Event Details and click the Update button.

4. Once your entire events have been entered, navigate to your planner.

5. Right click on the time interval where you wish to enter the event, navigate to the Add Other Event option, and then select the event.

6. If you wish to make an event reoccur, right click on the event and select Set/Edit Recurrency.

Published 30/04/2010 10:04:45 by Web Team