Business Tips: Influences on Client Retention

Intersalon measures client retention by firstly getting a count of all the customers that had an appointment in a 3 month period starting 6 months from the current date and then checking how many of these customers have revisited in the last 3 months. Writing that in words is harder than understanding the logic behind it.

Client retention is an important salon Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and is included on the Intersalon dashboard. A client retention greater than 75% represents excellent performance and you can rest assured that your staff are doing a good job and your clients are satsified with your products and service. Typically most salons run a client retention level between 55% and 75% and this is an acceptable level which requires no immediate action by the salon owner/manager.

If your client retention is low then it could be that a new salon has opened up in the area and some of your clients are trying it out. Alternatively maybe some of your stylists are doing work outside the salon, this is more of a concern and something that would need addressing.
Intersalon provides Email and SMS mailshots which can be targetted at clients that have not re-visited during the retention period and both provide powerful tools to enable you to improve your client retention.

Published 29/04/2010 17:12:19 by Web Team