Using Online Booking

Online booking is built directly into your salon planner.  The system is designed to be safe, simple and secure.  Each customer has their own account - and its a single account for either buying online, or making a booking. 

Online booking is enabled by activating stylists and/or services on an individual basis.  This can be done on first creation, or by editing later.  There is a simple checkbox marked "enable for online booking" for this feature.

There are also a few settings to look at.  Within the settings area of the software, you'll see a minimum, maximum online booking time, and a maximum number of appointments option.  These help prevent unwanted false appointments by limiting the number of appointments a single customer can make at any one time.  You can also enable or disable same day booking depending on your preference.

You also have full control as to how far in advance customers can book via the website.

None of these options affect the ability to make bookings by phone or in-salon.

Published 30/04/2010 10:46:31 by Web Team